Background information

The Latin American Repository Network portal was developed in 2006 by the University of Chile through its Directorate of Information Services and Libraries (SISIB), with the aim of providing a tool for easy access to full-text electronic publications located in different repositories in Latin American countries.

It currently has more than 8.000.000 publications from more than 500 institutions in 21 countries.

This portal allows you to browse through institutions, countries and discover the new publications available: books, theses, articles, among others.

It has a powerful query tool to perform simultaneous searches through a single web interface and retrieve electronic publications stored on the different servers and repositories of the Network.

Each institution is responsible for archiving its documents, describing the metadata and defining dissemination policies for its publications.


The Latin American Repository Network offers infrastructure to store the bibliographic information of all types of publications available in open access.

Review access policies and participate in the Network.


The Repository Network uses the Open Archives Initiative's Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), V.2, allowing interoperability between different servers and repositories.

Dspace has been used to harvest and distribute the records of each repository, taking advantage of its search engine, its discovery capability and its flexibility to adapt to the requirements of this portal.

La Red de Repositorios se actualiza periódicamente, mediante la cosecha de metadatos desde los distintos servidores, para así incorporar las nuevas publicaciones generadas por las instituciones.