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University of Chile, through the Information Services & Library System (SISIB) , invites them to be part of this initiative.

In order for your repository to be incorporated into the Network, you must complete the following online form and we will contact you to complete the registration.

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Each collection by country, institution or repository has a URI that you can share and incorporate in the portal of your library or institution.

How to participate

The Network will accept the addition of new repositories, following the policies below:

  • The repositories must belong to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Academic or research repositories will be accepted that include among their resources: articles, theses, books, research data, audiovisuals, among others.
  • The use of metadata in the repositories will be validated prior to harvest. Each participating institution may receive comments on the use of metadata, technical and other aspects relevant to the harvest.
  • The Repository Network will only obtain bibliographic information, in no case will it harvest files from the source repository.
  • Participating institutions must have the OAI protocol active in their repositories in order to harvest metadata.

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